My kit list, that’s not a kit list

Part one – The outfit

I’m not going to list my camera gear.. if you’re interested you probably know what it is and if you’re not, a whole load of f this and mm that isn’t going to mean much.

On to the important business of what I wear. I’m fairly tomboyish at the best of times, but for weddings I definitely favour trousers. When I’m shooting I’m often on my knees, climbing on something or generally scrambling around to get the best angle. When it comes to my top, I like to add a bit of wedding with the a bright colour but most important thing is to check the ‘gape to gawp’ factor and accesorise with a safety vest if necessary to keep one decent! For shoes I wear my trusty brogues so I can run about like a ninja.

I also pack a spare top, deodorant, hairbrush, lip balm, tampax, chewing gum and paracetamol; often someone in the bridal party will need at least one of them!

kent wedding photographer kit

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