How we work

It’s pretty simple really. I will tell the story of your wedding day with some lovely photographs.

Here’s how we achieve this:

First off, we have a chat about the plans for your big day and what sort of photography you would like – this will help us decide if we’re the right people for each other. Closer to your wedding we’ll meet again (probably at your venue) and go through the finer details – I’m big into planning!

Alma Wedding Photography

It’s your wedding day! I’ll scurry around with my cameras capturing your day as it unfolds. Sometimes I may speak up to get some groups together but mainly I’ll be unobtrusive, smiley and respectful. When you return from your honeymoon, you’ll have a package waiting. Inside will be a USB stick with over 400 beautiful high quality photos of your perfect day. Oh and a little present from me. I’m based in Tonbridge, Kent but I photograph weddings all over the country. Have a look at our brochure.