Corinne and Paul Tunbridge Wells Wedding


I’m an emotional person as my husband and anyone who knows me will tell you. Me sobbing is a frequent event, anything can set me off – my children (either from love but more likely exasperation), an advert, losing my keys… The point of this over sharing is because I’m increasing recognising that emotion and capturing a moment is what I’m instinctively drawn to when I photograph a wedding.

I like all the pretty stuff as much as the next person but it’s the heartfelt real bits that I’m after, I think when I describe myself as a ‘natural wedding photographer’ that’s what I mean.

Well Corinne and Paul’s wedding had emotions in spades. They got married at St Augustine’s Tunbridge Wells in an unintentionally amusing ceremony and then on to the shores of Bewel Water where they had hired a fantastic private house for their reception. The day was intimate and relaxed, spent with close friends and family and was full of warmth and emotion.

Congratulations Corinne and Paul.




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