Where did 2016 go? Everyone tells you time speeds up as you get older but this is getting daft now.

I don’t know how to describe 2016 without slipping into hyperbole, so let’s stick with the facts: I met some wonderful people, I learnt a lot, I honed my style. You’d think I know what my style is having done this for quite a while now, but I’m not afraid to admit that these things evolve and as I progress I become more honest in what I do.

I used to say that I’m an ‘unobtrusive’ photographer, that’s not entirely true. I will occasionally get you to turn your head this way or move your arm that way because I know it will make a picture. That said, I won’t stand on a chair with a megaphone telling cheesy jokes. I do like a giggle though. As I’ve flicked through the wedding pictures from the year, there’s been a lot of laughter on show and that pleases me.

Here are some nice words that Paul and Corinne left on a review site about me:

We used Alma Photography for our wedding in June 2016 and could not speak highly enough of Hannah. From the very first contact we had Hannah was nothing short of wonderful – her work on the day was so great and the end result are a collection of the most magnificent memories of our wedding. I cannot rate Hannah enough and if you are looking for a wedding photographer (or any photographer in fact) then can safely say you should look no further.


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